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Wrap tanks or vessels easily with any of these Pipe and Tank insulation options. These industrial insulation wraps offer excellent compressive strength and superior flexibility and is considered a cost-effective alternative to pre-formed pipe insulation.

Pipe and Tank Wraps

Pipe and Tank Wraps are uniquely designed for ease of application over large diameter tanks, vessels, and pipes or any curved surface requiring the benefits of fiberglass or stone wool.

Fiberglass pipe and tank wrap

Fiberglass Pipe and Tank Wraps

Fiberglass Pipe & Tank Wrap is fabricated from a semi-rigid fiberglass with segmented sections designed to insulate large piping (over 8” IPS) and curved surfaces.


  • Service Temperature from from -60°F to 650°F
  • Density of 4.5 PCF
  • Facing options: ASJ, FSK or Glass Mat
  • ASTM E84, 25 flame spread and 50 Smoke Development
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stone wool pipe and tank wrap

Stone Wool Pipe and Tank Wraps

Pipe and Tank Insulation manufactured from a semi-rigid stone wool designed to insulate large piping (over 8” IPS), and other curved surfaces. Available with an ASJ,  FSK or Glass Mat Facing.


  • Service Temperature: -20°F (-29°C) to 1400°F°( 760°C).
  • Non combustible and water repellent
  • Jacketing options: ASJ, FSK or FRK
  • Strong durability and acoustical properties
  • Confirms to ASTM C795, per test methods C871, & C692 MIL-I-24244 B & C
  • Available in 3 feet half cylinders
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radial wrap tank wrap

Radial Wrap

Radial Wrap™ rolled fiberglass insulation is a pre-fabricated flexible rolled fiberglass insulation product that allows for installation on round surfaces in either hot or cold applications.


  • Service Temperature up to 850ºF (454ºC)
  • Facing options: ASJ or FSK
  • 48″ Width and thicknesses of 1.5″ and 2″
  • Cost effective alternative for pre-formed pipe insulation
  • Easily wraps tanks, pipes and irregular shaped objects
  • Meets following specs: ASTM C411, ASTM C303, ASTM E84, ASTM C665, ASTM C1338, ASTM C1136, ASTM E96, ASTM
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Pipe and tank wraps (Lamella) are produced from stone wool or fiberglass for temperatures up to 1,200ºF. Manufactured in segmented or continuous roll (unsegmented) with a variety of facings from which to choose.


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