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Insulation Blanket Project

High temperature insulation and fabrics are vital in the fabrication of removable blankets, pipe wrapping, turbine blankets, fitting and flange covers, and engine exhaust pipe covers.

Insulation Blankets and Fabrics

In industrial processes, high temperature piping or equipment should be insulated to reduce heat loss, emissions and improve safety. Choose from an array of high temperature fabrics and blanket insulation materials.

Lewco® Super Mat and Super Mat STC

Super Mat and Super Mat STC by Lewco are viable alternatives to aerogel blanket that is reusable, hydrophobic and breathable. Reduce the risk of CUI with two options for the industrial insulation markets.

  • Reduce risk of CUI with breathable, hydrophobic properties.
  • Reuse after each removal.
  • Non-breakable. No mechanical damage or need to “over-order.”
  • Cut to fit onsite or order pre-cut. No specifics sizes of rigid insulation.
  • Simplify ordering and storage logistics
  • Hydrophobic to 315ºC (600ºF) continuous
  • Thermal performance per ASTM C177
  • Available with a Silicone Top Coating (STC)
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Fiberglass Lagging Cloths

Used for removable blankets, pipe wrapping, turbine blankets, fittings, and flange covers. These fiberglass lagging cloths are designed for continuous use at temperatures up to 1000 degrees.Available in various weights:

  • 8.5 oz./sq. yd., 18.5 oz./sq. yd.
    and up to 50 oz./sq. yd.
  • Temperature limit : 1,000˚F
  • The fabrics can be dyed a red color to indicate the insulation contains no asbestos
  • Used as a hot-side insulation fabric, flange and valve covers, weld
    curtains and stress relief blankets
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Aluminized Fiberglass Cloths

Glass lagging fabric used for removable blankets, pipe wrapping, turbine blankets, fittings, flange covers and engine exhaust pipes. The fabric is heat cleaned to set the weave and reduce fraying when cut and then laminated to aluminum foil to provide a vapor barrier.

  • Heat-cleaned to set the weave and reduce fraying, laminated to aluminum foil to provide a vapor barrier
  • Designed for continuous use at temperatures up to 300˚F
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Refractory Silica

Silica fabrics are a flexible fabric especially developed to replace asbestos fabric in welding and stress relieving applications where protection against heat or molten metal is necessary. They are ideal cloths that are used in demanding temperature applications throughout industrial insulation market.

  • Remains flexible after high temperature exposure
  • Provides excellent protection from molten metal splash
  • Used in welding and metal cutting applications up to 1,800˚F continuous temperature
  • Also available as rope, sleeving, woven tape and slit tape
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Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Teflon/Fiberglass Cloth – Style 650 is an impregnated fiberglass fabric engineered for the harsh environments found in many industrial facilities including acid plants, paper mills, and petrochemical plants. Designed for standard duty, this abrasion resistant cloth has proven very durable in removable insulation pad service.

  • Woven fiberglass with PTFE coating
  • Temperature limit : 550˚F
  • Available style: 650
  • Excellent for use in removable blankets in corrosive environments.
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GLT Mat (Glass Mat)

GLT Mat is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulating blanket of uniform density. It is available in 1/4”, 1/2” and 1” thicknesses, and in a range of 9-11 PCF densities. Provides reliable performance at temperatures up to 1,200ºF.


  • GLT Mat is an efficient low-cost replacement for asbestos mats, millboard refractory paper and other similar products.
  • GLT Mat is being used to solve increasingly complex applications in oil refineries, steam and gas turbines, exhaust systems on diesel tugs, tankers, Coast Guard and Navy vessels, and pleasure yachts. It is used to relieve stress at welding points and on valve flange covers.
  • GLT Mat acts as an insulator over automotive thermactor switches, for floor pans over catalytic converters
  • Blankets reduce labor costs during removal for inspection and service, and cut re-insulation costs
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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Offers superior performance at temperatures up to 2,600˚F. Rated for high purity and tensile strength . Ceramic fiber blankets are offered in thicknesses from 1/4” to 2”, 24” or 48” widths and 4, 6 and 8 PCF densities.


  • Refractory ceramic fiber blankets and bulk products are designed to provide insulation for high temperature
    applications in the mechanical and specialty insulation markets.
  • Bulk fibers are used as packing materials in the fire protection and mechanical insulation markets.
  • The fibers are “lubricated” for ease of handling and to enhance their use as a high temperature insulator.
  • Ceramic fiber is also available as rope, cloth, tubing and tape.
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High Temperature Fabric Advantage

These speciality fabrics provide temperature protection from 300ºF up to 2,300ºF.


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