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RoCKWOOL insulation products

Stone Wool (mineral wool) products offer excellent thermal insulation capacity. Their ease of use in a variety of industrial insulation applications makes them a must-have for a variety of projects. The ProRox® line of industrial insulation from ROCKWOOL offers a wide assortment of stone wool (mineral wool) insulation products for sustainable insulation of industrial and power generation plants. Each is uniquely developed with a specific field of application. Browse the line of ROCKWOOL products we stock below. GLT Fabricators is proud to be a premier stocking distributor for the line of ROCKWOOL products.

Enerwrap MA

ENERWRAP® MA 960NA  is a flexible faced industrial blanket made of stone wool insulation. It provides fire and water resistance, sound absorbency, and is recommended for systems where corrosion under insulation and the protection of your personnel and equipment are a concern.

Ideal for large-diameter pipes, vessels, tanks, furnaces, structural members, mechanical equipment, boilers and irregularly shaped equipment, ENERWRAP® MA 960NA is available in a variety of lengths to cut to size.

This product is designed to insulate surfaces that require lasting thermal performance in moisture intense environments, such as:

  • Large diameter pipes
  • Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Tanks
  • Furnaces
  • Structural members
  • Irregularly shaped mechanical equipment

Product Offering

  • Enerwrap MA 960
ProRox® FSL

ProRox® FSL products are flexible stone wool thermal insulation boards (slab) ideal for intermediate temperature industrial applications.

Designed for industrial use where temperature and fire resistance are concerns. Available in different densities and dimensions to meet various application requirements.

  • Ideal for irregularly shaped equipment
  • Furnaces and oven equipment
  • Storage tank walls
  • Boilers
  • Columns
  • Industrial Towers

Product Offering

  • ProRox® FSL 920
  • ProRox® FSL 930
  • ProRox® FSL 940
  • ProRox® FSL 960
ProRox® MA

ProRox® MA 900 Series is an industrial wrap (mat) for thermal performance in intermediate to high-temperature ranges.

Designed for use where high temperature and fire resistance are concerns.

  • Ideal for round and irregularly shaped equipment
  • large diameter pipe
  • Columns
  • Boilers
  • Vessels
  • Industrial Towers and O.E.M. Industries

Product Offering

  • ProRox® MA 930
  • ProRox® MA 940
ProRox® PS 960 with WR-Tech

ProRox PS 960 is a mandrel wound pipe section. The insulation sections are made out of stone wool and are produced with an innovative water repellent binder called WR-Tech to mitigate the risk of corrosion under insulation.

Application: The highly durable insulation sections are supplied split and hinged for easy snap-on assembly and are especially suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial pipe work.


ProRox® PS 980 With WR-Tech

ProRox PS 980 is a mandrel wound pipe section. The insulation sections are made out of stone wool and are produced with an innovative water repellent binder called WR-Tech to mitigate the risk of corrosion under insulation.

ProRox® PS 980 is engineered to deliver exceptional compressive strength without susceptibility to the breakage and the dust associated with calcium silicate for a cleaner, safer working environment.

Made of stone wool, this proven, cost-effective product is ideal for steam and process pipe systems operating at temperatures up to 1200°F (649°C) where energy conversation, personal protection, and fire control are concerns.

ProRox® Thermal and Pressure Resistance Products

ProRox® line of products offers the industrial insulator a number of options for thermal and pressure resistance applications. The low thermal conductivity of ROCKWOOL products results in energy savings in areas where it's needed most. ROCKWOOL'S ProRox® SL 900 Series products deliver consistent thermal performance across the board, from petrochemical plants to power generation industries.

Designed for industrial use where temperature, fire resistance, and moisture resistance are of concern:

  • Horizontal and Vertical walls
  • Storage tank walls
  • Vessels
  • Furnaces and oven equipment
  • Large diameter piping

Product Offering

  • ProRox® SL 920
  • ProRox® SL 930
  • ProRox® SL 940
  • ProRox® SL 960
  • ProRox® SL 540
  • ProRox® SL 560
  • ProRox® SL 590


The correct insulation type will dramatically improve thermal efficiency and energy consumption in commercial and industrial piping and equipment applications. Any job requires a broad range of products and solutions. Featured here are some additional products offered by GLT Fabricators to help you in achieving that goal. These products featured on this page are offerings from ROCKWOOL'S line of stone wool solutions.

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