Project Description

Complete your insulation project with an assortment of accessories. GLT Fabricators stocks fastening, anchors, tapes, banders and much more.

Insulation Acessories

GLT Fabricators stocks a wide assortment of insulation accessories necessary for job completion. Mechanical fasteners, adhesives and mastics, joint and lap tapes, foams and sealants are but a few of the many items that can be provided with your insulation.


Finish off that mechanical or insulation project with the correct fastening accessories for maximum tensioning strength. Choose from the following in our large inventory:

  • Tie wire
  • Velcro
  • Screws
  • Industrial and fiberglass tapes
  • Z-clips
  • Metal banding
  • Fabricated straps
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High Temp Sewing Threads

Sewing Threads

These threads are coated with lubricants to improve handling characteristics. GLT Fabricators stocks various Teflon and coated sewing threads that will not burn or support combustion in normal atmoshperes. We also stock other high temperature threads, such as the KEVLAR® line of threads commonly used in removable and reusable insulation blankets for Marine, Aerospace, Industrial and commericial applications.

  • Teflon Coated Threads (D-18 and D-24)
  • S110 KEVLAR® / Stainless Steel Thread
  • AT-295 Tex 150 Stainless Steel with KEVLAR® Wrap
  • Spun Thread Kevlar® Fiber Tex 90
  • ST-304 High Temperature Thread
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Insulation Anchors

Insulation Anchors are commonly used in the fabrication of removable or reusable blankets and GLT Fabricators offers an assortment of anchors. These anchors are used for attaching insulation to a surface and are featured below. Many of our Insulation Anchors are offered in Plated Steel, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel.

  • Lacing anchors
  • Peel and press insulation hangers
  • Quilting cup head pins
  • Perforated base insulation hangers
  • 2 hole washer with hook
  • 2 hole washers
  • Dome caps
  • Cupped head insulation pins
  • Self-locking washers: round beveled and flat
  • Self-locking washers: square and round beveled
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Industrial Tapes

We stock a variety of high strength, premium quality tapes used exclusively in industrail insulation applications. These tapes adhere well to sheet metal duct, and conform well to corners and irregular surfaces. These include:

  • Fiberglass lagging tape
  • Pressure sensitive tapes and facings
  • Foil tapes
  • FSK and ASJ Tapes
  • PVC/Vinyl Tapes
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Staplers, Tackers and Accessories

GLT Fabricators carries a variety of staplers, tackers, pliers and accessories for any industrial or commercial insulation project. We carry popular brands such as Arrow and Bostitch. Our list includes

  • Hammer tackers
  • Bostitch Tackers
  • Bostitch T6 Tackers and Stapling Pliers
  • Bostitch PowerCrown Staples
  • Hog Rings and Hog ring hand tool
  • Galvanized and Stainless Steel Staples
  • Arrow staplers and staples
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Insulation Accessories Fact

One stop shopping makes procurement easy and economical.


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