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Located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Comet Metals Inc. specializes in stocking, sheeting and slitting various forms of aluminum foil, copper foil, and stainless steel foil. Comet Metals also converts a variety of specialty metals such as brass, phosphor bronze, nickel, and monel, just to name a few.

 However, when it comes to converting capabilities, Comet Metal boasts more than your average distributor. The thickness converting capabilities for copper, stainless and aluminum alloys range from as thin as .00035" Foil, up to .125" sheet, and specialize in both foil and sheet materials. Utilizing a burr-free edge, Comet Metals can slit from as narrow as .250" to a max width of 60" in specific stock items.

Learn more by calling 1-888-539-5602 or visiting them online.

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